Monday, February 15, 2010

Snowed In With Style

The other day we had a big snow storm. During the two day storm, my employer was worried that not enough people would make it into work the next day, decided to put a few of us up in the hotel down the street. I was one of the chosen to stay at the hotel. We were given $25.00 for dinner. I had the $10.00 cheeseburger, $3.00 fries and for desert, the $8.00 margarita. There was just enough left for a tip. I went up to my room and called my hubby. I said honey, I have two great big beds, I don't know which one to sleep on. Honey, I have the remote control. LOL Honey, I turned the heat up to 78 degrees (I'm always cold) He said, 'sounds like your getting too spoiled there. It was great! No one was snoring that night but me, and I slept right thru it.

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  1. oh my that is nice, once during a snow storm my boss came and picked me up in his 4 wheel drive but then he left early and forgot to take me home lol