Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Too much A & E

Well it started out with me calling my husband a "hoarder". But then the other night, I was in bed watching the "Criminal Minds Marathon". During the third episode, I started getting alittle scared. It was a real edge of your seat episode. During one of the commercials, I started hearing noises coming from down stairs. I tried to jostle my husband awake but he was snoring away. Awww, there it was again. I looked towards the hallway and I could have sworn the unsub from the movie was staring at me. I turned off the TV and eventually fell asleep. The next day, I'm watching "Intervention", and I'm balling my eyes out with the family of the alcoholic.

I'm a mess, I need to change the channel.


  1. i cant watch hoarders it makes me want to throw everything in my house away

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